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BMW Enhanced Bluetooth

There are two types of options regarding Bluetooth update that you can choose from 

  • Enhanced Bluetooth
  • Basic Bluetooth

This, of course, depends on your BMW model and the package you choose. You should keep in mind that Bluetooth updating depends totally on your BMW model and your smartphone. These two can limit your usage and options. You should first check your vehicle compatibility to be sure about it. You can check that by putting your VIN number in the search bar and see if your vehicle is compatible or not. Sadly some BMWs might not have enhanced features activated even after upgrading to Enhanced Bluetooth, so we recommend first checking your compatibility then order the product. 

Features of Enhanced Bluetooth:

There are several features which you can enjoy with Enhanced Bluetooth mode in comparison to basic Bluetooth. 

Below is a list in which you can see the benefits of Enhanced Bluetooth over basic Bluetooth;

Basic Bluetooth

  • Handsfree Calling capability
  • Phone contact book access


Enhanced Bluetooth

  • Handsfree Calling
  • Phone contact book access
  • Pair two phones at a time
  • Connect your iPhone via USB cable
  • Stream music
  • Stream music through a phone via USB port
  • Art covers of Albums
  • Office option (reading and sending messages, calendar, tasks, notes)


These are the features which Enhanced Bluetooth has and they are quite intriguing. We'll explain some of the features in detail for you below.

Pairing two phones with Bluetooth:

As you can see the feature itself is explanatory. With Enhanced Bluetooth activated in your BMW, you can pair two phones at a time. This gives you the option to play music from one phone and make calls from the other one. For example, other passengers can connect to stream music from their phone and you can, without any disturbance, receive or make calls through yours. It's a useful feature to have.


Music Streaming:

With Enhanced Bluetooth, you can not only listen to music but also access the playlist and choose whichever song you'd like to play. 

With basic Bluetooth, you can only skip to next or previous song.

BMW coding via USB & BMW car coding is a really easy and hassle-free process. We will send you the complete list of instructions so the coding process goes smoothly.

Order this coding option so can enjoy the full potential of Bluetooth that your BMW has to offer.