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Starting from the least, it’s always good to do a routine BMW navigation map updates. BMW recommends updating your vehicle's navigation maps at least once a year, though in some regions a new BMW navigation update system map is available every 3 to 6 months. The importance of this is every year BMW adds 300,000 new points of interest, removes closed roads and introduces new routes. That's why navigation update is essential for your BMW and no matter which BMW series car you own. BMW map navigation updates are a must for your journeys and commute. You can check the compatibility of your car for navigation update by putting your VIN number in the search bar on our Home page. All the available products along with navigation map updates will be displayed there.
Updating your BMW navigation maps via USB is the easiest and safest option. You can avail the 'BMW maps update' software cheaper and very conveniently from OEM Navigations.
Our product line-up is simple & easy to order. Just put your VIN number in the search bar and it will give you a list of products that are compatible with your BMW model. The list will include which MINI and BMW navigation map updates are compatible with your car and you can purchase the coding option from there.

BMW coding via USB & BMW car coding is a really easy and hassle-free process. We will send you the complete list of instructions so the coding process goes smoothly

So update BMW maps for your car.


Life-Time Code: When you enter a lifetime code in your BMW, you will never need to enter another code again! Which implies you never need to purchase another code again! All you need is only the map Information. Limitless updates!! For the most part, BMW gives twice new versions every year, for example, \"2017-1″ and \"2017-2″ thus, the life-time code is an improved decision.

We'll send you the code and a link for the map you need and detailed instructions in 1 hour to 1day.

Terms and conditions

The FSC code is tied to the vehicle VIN and to the exact map version. If you get the wrong VIN or map version, the FSC code will not work, and we will NOT be able to refund you as we will have already obtained the FSC code. For retrofitted head units, we need the donor VIN/CHASSIS number. No refund will be given if you are having difficulties to download the files because of your broadband, incompatible PC or lack of understanding.

How to choose your maps?

When you get into your car push the Nav button on the iDrive screen, then the Options button on your controller. Scroll down to the last item in the menu called “Navigation System Version“. It will display the currently installed maps. For example Road Map Europe Premium 2014-1. In this case, the car needs the PREMIUM map version. No other version will work on this car (MOTION, MOVE, NEXT etc.) so make sure you choose the right version for your car. All you need is a USB to copy the purchased map files. You will receive instructions via email on how to copy and update your maps.


Please check if you have an "i" letter on your current maps as shown on the picture below

Road Map Europe Next 2017-2

If you don't have "i" letter on your current maps it determines your firmware is old and the unit is not able to take USB update without updating the firmware. If your vehicle was built between 09/2009-03/2010 and you have the company firmware you will need a firmware update to update using USB due to a flaw in the firmware. You are welcome to try, but, the update will most likely fail at 93.7% and cancel updating. If you are uncertain about your map version or how to check it, or just have an inquiry please do not hesitate to reach us.

Map update won't stop your warranty because we collect file directly from BMW database, hence codes are all the same as the dealership. !!!DO NOT buy cheap codes from other places!!! A lot of sellers guess the code by hack software. Be aware, those unapproved codes will void your BMW factory warranty. Their codes will be deactivated when your BMW goes in for service to the dealer.