BMW G30 - G31 - G11- G12 Speed Limit Info Activation

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BMW G30 - G31 - G11- G12 Speed Limit Info Activation

Please note you must have the required KAFAS4 cameras in the car. 

How to proceed?

After your purchase, we will request the FSC code from BMW AG. Please note it can take up to 2 working days. Please note additional coding is required. Please see the drop-down menu for options.

1. We can deliver you the coding cable, provide esys and esys launcher necessary for coding and activate the function remotely via Teamviewer. You only need a Windows-based laptop and internet connection next to the car. We will sort the rest for you. 

2. If you need only the FSC code we can email it to you but in this case please note that no support is provided if you prefer to code your car yourself. 

BMW coding via USB & BMW car coding is a really easy and hassle-free process. We will send you the complete list of instructions so the coding process goes smoothly.