Mercedes Benz Command Online Speed Cameras - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all COMAND Online devices supported?

No. You can only use the database with the following NTG units:
Mercedes COMAND Online NTG 4.5
Mercedes COMAND Online NTG 4.7
Mercedes COMAND Online NTG 5.0
Mercedes COMAND Online NTG 5.1
Mercedes COMAND Online NTG 5.2

NTG 5.5 units in new Mercedes E-Class (W213) are not supported. The navigation software is different.

2. Which NTG device is built-in my car?

Your car is from built year 2011-2014. Probably you have NTG 4.5 or NTG 4.7 and can use the speed camera database. Entering the hidden menu by press and hold down the keys RED PHONE BUTTON and # and 1. Open the menu "Engineering Mode > 3. HU information > 3.1 Navi core information > FL Ver." to indicate the NTG version.

Your car is built in year 2015 or 2016. Certainly you have a NTG 5.x model. But we can't find out which model it is. Please ask your Mercedes dealer. They are able to detect by VIN the device identification (NTG 5.0, NTG 5.1, NTG 5.2 or NTG 5.5).

3. Is there an option to import the files to the hard disk of the COMAND Online?

No. The SD-card has to remain inserted while driving.

4. How many POIs can be loaded into COMAND Online?

You can only load approximately 30.000 Points of Interest (POIs) into COMAND Online devices. Please take care about that fact.